A Sketch of Art for the story from the creator.

He Reached Insanity is a Grimdark Horror Story starring the characters of Avenged Ponyfold: Screamo is Magic.The story is still continuing.The gory story is found Here.The story is a bit of a sequel to the grimdark story Cupcakes.

Story HeadlineEdit

M. Shadows comes back from the Afterlife to take revenge on the ponies that mistreated and refused to help him when he needed it.In this story, He Reached Insanity.


It starts out in Pinkie Pie's basement.After the story details about the enviorment in the dark room, it reveals that Pinkie Pie is strapped to a table panicing.The story than tells about Pinkie's crimes in the story Cupcakes and she realizes what's happening.M. Shadows than shows himself in the dark corner shadow with a gory appearance.Than he stuck duck tape around her mouth.He than scolds to Pinkie about the tortures he suffered, and than begins to mimik Pinkie's joyful

He Reached Insanity Creator Art.

statements.Than he finally grabs a knife and starts cutting open her stomich while singing one of his songs.

The story than bounces off to Ponyville, where Johnny and Synyster Gates are flying around the clouds laughing.Than finally Johnny stops and begins to ask about where Pinkie Pie had gone and than she hadn't been in Ponyville for a long time.Their conversation ends when Zacky Vengeance calls for Johnny, and he proceeds to him.Than Synyster decides to go to Sugercube corner to find out about where Pinkie is.

As Synyster arrives at the door of the candy store he knocks, but no one answers.After the few times of knocking he opens the door by force.As he searches for Pinkie, faint whispers of "Nightmare" continue but louder.Synyster provokes the spirit to show itself, and starts hypnerventolating.Than, the door to the store suddenly shuts itself locked, leaving the pony trapped inside.He than started feeling shocks inside his back hoof.The shocks got worse and worse, calling a sympton of Possession.The ghost than starts provoking the pony, calling him names and yelling at him.Synyster gets weaker, trying to slam his head on the door to pry it open.He than finally gives up and passes out.

Back in Ponyville, the rest of the group, Zacky Vengeance, and Johnny start to wonder about where everyone had gone, and meet each other at The Guitar Studio.They start talking about finding them, and than start going to Sugercube corner.During their mission, they bump into Mike Portnoy the griffon, dropping his basket of Apples all over the ground.Now angry, he tells the ponies to watch where they are going.The ponies than try to explain about what they are doing, and the Griffon than follows.

As they go to Sugercube corner, the ponies enter it and search for Pinkie and Synyster.But as they enter the Basement, they find the drummer of Avenged Ponyfold, The Rev's remains hung from the corner wall, his body destroyed and his organs gathered.The ponies rise in shock.Also seeing the Rev's skin made out of a party hat placed on top of his head.

The Ponies gasp, and run back up to the upstairs to find the door is locked.Everypony than starts pushing and slamming against the door with full force.The door than finally opens and everyone continues galloping until they arrive in the Everfree forest.

The Ponies, now in full shock, tell themselves never to enter the building again, and than realize that they are lost, deep into the forest.Everypony panics, but Mike starts to hear evil laughing from the deeper dark i the forest.He tells them to listen in, and continues forth where it is herd.All the other ponies, scared, contiue with the Griffon.

The griffon and the rest of the ponies finally arrive in a small abandoned building located where the laughing is.Than they see a light and peek through the building.Through the window, they see Synyster, blood all over his hooves and his cutie mark carved with the words "Matt Was here".Synyster, possessed by M. Shadows, grabs a knife and than slices his hoof, causing blood to pour.He spills all the blood into a cup and starts drinking it.The Pony's from the window gasp in horror.