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Avenged Ponyfold:Screamo is Magic is an story Fan-fic spinoff of the Band Avenged Sevenfold created by SweetTooth98.Their names are the same but their personalities are diffrent.


Its starts in the Human World, where an unleashed creature has entered the world.The band, Avenged Sevenfold, now getting ready for a concert, found the creature, named Discord, and the monster has sent all the group members into Equestria, turning them into Ponies.This caused the ponies to forget who they ever we're and h ave started out as filles.As the ponies grew up to gain their cutie marks, they found each other again an

d have formed Avenged Ponyfold.Now they live in the small town of Ponyville, and own a guitar studio next to the Everfree Forest.


There are six main characters in Screamo is Magic.

M. ShadowsEdit

M Shadz

Meet the leader of the pack, Matt!


M. Shadows is a white unicorn pony with curl birthmarks all over his front his front hooves and the cutie mark of a Microphone with wings.He is the main character for Screamo is Magic.He is the father of Frostfire and the husband of Valery Shadows.

Synyster GatesEdit

Synyster Gates is origally the guitarist for The actual band and he is a black pegasus pony with bat wings, and his cutie mark is a death bat.He was the second person to meet M. Shadows in the first episode, and

Synyster Gates tells you that you must play the guitar with your plot plot!

He is very daring and extreme in adventure.He is the husband of Michelle Gates.He is one of the main characters of Screamo is Magic and attended Summer Flight Camp along with Johnny Christ.

Zacky VengeanceEdit

Zacky Vengeance is a Black and white earth pony with a damaged ear and the cutie mark of a guitar with broken strings.He is one of the Main five characters of the series and is the second guitarist for the real band.He is very hyper going and always shows what he can do at times.He was the third character M. Shadows met on the first episode.It was mentioned that he attends the running of the leaves every year, and always does certain acivities.

The RevEdit

The Rev is a black and purple unicorn and has the cutie mark of a pair of drumsticks.He is one of the main characters for Screamo is Magic and was recently the drummer for the real band.He has extreme drumming skills, and is very friendly and hard working with his home and pets.He used to attend the school for gifted unicorns, and used his magic for drumming.He than became part of the group of friends in ponyville.Unfortunettly, he went missing, and than Mike Portnoy took his place in drumming.

Johnny ChristEdit

Johnny Christ is a Dark yellow and Grey Pegasus with the tail shaped like a claw and the cutie mark of an
Flutteryay base

Johnny Christ is Happy and Proud to be short!

Guitar Pic.He is one of the main characters of Screamo is Magic and Bassist for the real band.He mainly is seen hanging out with Zacky.Although his appearence is creepy, Johnny is a very soft shy pony in heart.He owns the guitar band studio in Ponyville, where the band always practices for concerts in Equestria.

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